the salvaging of the Temples

« One of the most fascinating adventures of man », « Spectacular and mysterious »… There is no lack of adjectives that may be applied to the great Nubian Company, in ancient Egypt, source of fascination and admiration which continues to unveil its treasures of a millenary history, treasures that risked being “swallowed” forever by the Great Nile.


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A great victory of man

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More than 5 years' work, over 4,000 blocks of varying tons were relocated some 65 metres higher, about 200 metres inland, back from the river.

119 Nations to save the monuments of Nubia

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Exclusively local workforce of over 2,000, 150 specialised technicians of various nationalities, 50 families and 20 children. More than 40 million man-hours without one single fatal accident.

Next step

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São Paulo - Brazil

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