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Aswan - Egypt

Nubia Museum- march 21/april 30, 2009

Expo preview in the International Conference “Lower Nubia: Revisiting Memories of the Past, Envisaging Perspectives for the Future”, t o commemorate the fiftieth anniversary of the official appeal  to UNESCO launched by Egypt and Sudan to save the monuments of Nubia

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Rome - Italy

Hadrian's Temple - may 23/june 2, 2009

Tomorrow, june 2nd, it is going to close the documentary exhibition about the salvaging of the Abu Simbel Temples, carried out by World Wide Artists Gallery Association, at Hadrian's Temple, inaugurated last June 23rd. "We fully reached the two goals that we set" says Massimo Setzu, President of WWAG. "An awareness towards the great public on the two giants of our archaeological civilization, the Hadrian's Temple in Rome and the temples of Abu Simbel in Egypt. The exhibition has exceeded the threshold of 50 thousand visitors.

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Viareggio - Italy

Marineria Museum- august 7/30, 2009

“This administration is proud to sponsor and promote an event of such great importance” said Ciro Costagliola, Minister of Culture and Events for Viareggio municipality. “The exhibition has chosen to honor our city with this step. The event – says Costagliola – of national and international importance, is a source of pride for our town, hoping that it could be the first step towards a new cultural vision for Viareggio, so as to face a full-fledged international cultural reference.”